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ICT service company

In 2005, five IT-based work sees decided to establish integral.


We have provided
technology for companies since 2005

  • ICT services 15 years
  • Software services 6 years
  • Expert services 6 years

We live at the heart of information technology

The co-operation between people, knowledge and technology is a matter of heart for the Integrals. We continuously develop our expertise and provide our expertise for use by our customers.


The core of our operations is ICT know-how and service for companies

  • 30 employees
  • My software development team

In the everyday life of tens of thousands of people

Our services enable tens of thousands of employees to succeed in their work every day.


Functional solutions create satisfied customers

  • Over 350 customer companies
  • More than 15 partners

For us, the measure of the functionality of the solution is how it helps a person

How are we going to do this?

The role of technology is not to replace people, but to free people to act more effectively for common goals and to achieve more.

How are we going to do this?

We help the customer succeed in their work as companies and individuals. We use our expertise to provide new ways to create a competitive advantage for our customers.


Our goal is that you succeed as well as possible in your work


We believe in caring for customer service and earning trust through actions

How are we going to do this?

Our success is based on appreciatia. Trust and customer success are indicators of our success.


ICT services

  • Support services ( Remote and Local Assistance )
  • Voice solutions ( customer service systems )
  • Hardware & Software
  • Security solutions
  • Corporate networks, servers and cloud services

Where can we help you?

We offer IT outsourcing services from individual parts to total outdoors.

Where can we help you?

Should I use a built-in software product or software built for you? Our developers will help you find the best solution for your needs.


Software services

  • Software design
  • Software development
  • Websites and online stores
  • Workforce management ( Intu software )

Consulting services

  • Designing digital services
  • Outsourced ICT Manager
  • Ict and IoT system design

Where can we help you?

It is clear to us that the best possible solution is a solution that you can implement profitably. It is equally important to us that you can make decisions based on the right information.

Where can we help you?

Our IoT service includes devices, network solution, management view and reporting capabilities. With clear pricing.


IoT products and service

  • Measuring instruments, sensors and sensors
  • Built-in user interface included in our products
  • Customized solutions and user interfaces

We help people succeed in their work so that companies succeed in their business.

A genuine interest in you and your business creates a framework for success.

Why choose Integral?

Our goal is for you to succeed in your work. We believe in caring customer service and earning trust through actions.

Why choose Integral?

We help you develop your business and corporate culture and combine people, knowledge and technology.


People do the job and people decide the success of the company in the future

We know how digital tools encourage

to operate in a self-directed manner.


The most important part of the solution is its user. You.

We understand your needs and the way you work.

Why choose Integral?

Alongside the new development, we will help you streamline your current practices and free your resources to the new one.

Shall we start working together?

You're part of the solution.

How can we help you succeed in your work?

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