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We take care of your IT challenges
IT Support Services and Equipment

ICT solutions

We offer ICT service solutions for a wide range of needs. Get access to experts and up-to-date technology.

We provide you with

  • Local support services
  • Remote Assistance
  • Business networks and connections
  • Hardware & Software
  • Voice solutions
  • Cloud services
  • Data centers
  • Virtual servers
  • ICT experts
  • ICT Manager Service
IT outsourcing

Your IT Support

We offer IT outsourcing services from individual parts to total outdoors. In practice, we offer, for example, a single network or firewall, but also the entire package, from hardware and security to comprehensive maintenance. We take care of the appropriate documentation on all outsourcing models.

Finnish service
Code and software from Finland
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ICT Support Services
Proactive and Responsive

Choose a predictive or responsive IT service

Responsive 8€/month workstation and Predictive 45€/month workstation.


  • Includes all remote and local support services
  • Self Healing Diagnostics: Proactive Debugging
  • F-Secure Computer Protection
  • Remote Assistance Agent
  • Microsoft security updates
  • Device-specific updates for app app applications
  • Backup
  • Monthly reporting


We offer IT services ranging from managing an individual area to overall implementations. We handle IT challenges for you. Our IT services include antivirus and security. We'll use Remote Assistance tools or, if necessary, onsite to solve problems.

Remote Workspace environment

With Remote Desktop, you plan your remote work environment to be safe and secure.

IT outsourcing

We take responsibility for the IT management of your entire organization. In connection with the externalisation, you will have access to your ict manager or, in larger outsourcing, you will have an CIO. We look at your business in a holistic way and take proactively into account the potential risks to the IT environment. We are not affiliated with certain equipment manufacturers or operators.

Explore ICT Manager Service

Consulting services

Heart Association IT Services

IT outsourcing has made it possible to improve working methods and update IT services to the present day at moderate costs.

Consulting services

Eira Hospital outsourced its IT administration

Our IT support serves bilingual, which is a significant added value for an organisation such as Eira Hospital.

Business networks and connections
Network solutions
Corporate network connections


There are several types of online solutions, but we help our customers choose the best option to suit each situation. We build both fixed and wireless networks side by side.

Our services also include continuous monitoring, capacity monitoring and fault reports in the direction of the operator. We provide you with online services as a complete solution, including everything from devices and switches to installation and maintenance services.

Fixed connection,
wireless network or both

We implement all network solutions flexibly and safely.


A secure and expertise-designed LAN makes your work easier and secure to use. Get online services as a complete solution, including everything from devices and switches to installation and maintenance services.

Corporate internet

Network connections outside the office refer to an Internet connection and an MPLS connection, or a closed network interface. We also make a network connection to your outdoor events.

We cooperate with finnish operators and solutions can always be found from one site to large environments, including abroad.

Voice solutions for customer service
Contact center
Customer service system

Multi channel
Customer service

Be available to your customers and have successful encounters with your customers regardless of the channel. With a multichannel customer service system, you can identify the customer and needs and at the same time make everyday life easier for your employees when all information is available from the same view.

Benefits of a voice solution:

  • Higher quality customer service and more satisfied customers
  • Automatic redirection
  • Call reports, tracking
  • More efficient resource management
  • You invest in service and business development
  • A cloud-based solution doesn't require major initial investment
  • Works on all terminals

Customer experience above

It's great to be heard and get a solution quickly. Customer service is an important meeting point to create better customer experiences and a satisfied customer will be more confident to come back and use your services again. With the help of the customer service system, you will move from traditional customer service to a better service experience and customer consideration.


Mobile exchange

Mobile exchange is a cost-effective and versatile solution for managing the company's telephone traffic and improving employee availability. The gear is fast and easy to deploy and can be customized to meet your business needs.

Service gear

Service exchange is a communication solution that improves accessibility, and customer calls are not inadvertently untreated. The service is a suitable solution when the company has more than one office or activity abroad.

Let's jointly design the best customer service system for your business, which includes the relevant features and integrations for you into different systems.

Hardware & Software

Rental equipment - Leasing

With us you get laptops and fixed desktops, as well as mobile devices, hybrid devices and phones.

Our experts are experienced IT professionals who work with you. We are device independent and always offer you the best solution.

Installation of rental equipment and environmentally friendly recycling are always part of our service. We also take care of the security and documentation of the device.


Focus on your business without the worries of IT or security. We provide you with connections and tools independently of your company.
Let us make sure that terminals and software always work as they should.

Workstation Service

With the workstation service, you guarantee your employees operational and modern tools. Business-designed workstation services improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Workstation services allow you to work without technical worries. In addition, a well-implemented and maintained workstation environment helps to reduce security threats.

Experts to help you


Key Account Manager



juha.lehtojoki [a] integral.fi
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Key Account Manager



andreas.traskelin [a] integral.fi
+358 50 570 7777


Sales Director



pekka.nikki [a] integral.fi
+358 50 530 7757


Key Account Manager



lauri.linna [a] integral.fi
+358 40 703 5856

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