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Control, measure and develop
The right people in the right place and the right information at the right time. Discover new opportunities with our products.

Labour management software

Our INTU software helps you manage employee data so you can respond quickly to customers' labor needs.

IoT measuring instruments

You have access to a wide range of Integral IoT sensors and sensors that can be installed almost anywhere. Our products include a mobile app and a management view for IoT devices.


INTU - Labor
management software

Our Intu software is a tool for shift planning and workforce management.

IoT sensors and sensors

Integral IoT sensors and sensors

Through us, IoT measuring instruments for self-monitoring, condition management, indoor air monitoring and positioning. Our IoT devices are easy to install and operate safely on your network.

IoT Consulting

IoT design and
device installation

Our experts can help you plan your measurements and, if necessary, we can install the equipment for you.

Intu and control panels
Intu and IoT software customization

Customizing Intu and IoT software

Our own development team is able to customize the applications to meet your business needs.

People do the job

Whether your goal is to organize a smoother job or measure the working environment, our experts are ready to help you succeed in the best possible way.

Our clients:
Hoiva Mehiläinen Oy
Financial Agents Ltd
YIT Corporation
Gaius Foundation sr
Connected Finland Ltd
Finnish Heart Association
Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy
Dance School DCA
Finnish War Veterans' Association
Sweco Finland Ltd
City of Hämeenlinna
Eira Hospital
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